Word of the Year - REDISCOVERY

After a year of self - permitted drifting and exploration, with nothing more challenging other than to see what peaked my interest upon returning from the UAE,  I've decided it's time to find a new focal point.

The transition into 2017 was spent travelling - Christmas at Bergama and Ephesus, New Year in Dalyan, Fethiye and Marmara. Spring took me to Pamukkale and then to London. Summer in Cambridge in peculiar extremes of heatwaves and downpours.

I also tried out new skills, on-line challenges and joined local interest groups to reconnect with friends I'd missed while away.

Now well into 2018, my desire to go exploring further overseas has abated. I am overseas!

And while time out drifting and seeing what came along was fun, it started to feel aimless and unproductive.

Instead, I'm digging deeper into what I already know and what's on my doorstep; a closer inspection of the ground beneath my feet as it were.

And a closer inspection of my camera!

At the first session of the photography group, the leader wisely advised us to read our camera manuals. OB.VI.OUS... I thought, smugly. But just to be sure, I also checked out a couple of You-Tube vids.

Half way through the first one, I thought the presenter was talking about a newer model.

I've never seen that on my screen, I thought. Can't be the same one... Sure enough, it was.

Seven years I've had my Olympus and never knew the half of what it could do.

Time to upgrade my skills rather than my camera so here's to a New Year of rediscovering my habitat with the same camera, different viewpoint!

Have a great '18 wherever you are...

Mel x


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