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Personalized Gift Designs for You

You’re one of a kind… 


Choosing a gift says as much about you as your loved ones - it’s personal.


Especially when you can’t be with them in person.

It becomes more important that you celebrate the occasion memorably - to let them know how much you think of them, despite the miles.

With all my family living overseas, I know how it is when it comes to birthdays, Christmas and other special events, plus postage & packing.

And on-line gift cards are just ...meh.


Did you know you can personalize a gift in under 5 minutes from your phone?

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I’m Mel and Sun Hobo is my gift & design store.

It’s become my mission to make it easy for you to Share The Love by creating unique template designs on gift products for you to personalize - even from your mobile.

Out of Sight doesn’t have to mean Out of Mind!

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I design for, a print-on-demand company which carries thousands of blank products for customization. I create a design and then set the template for you to add your name, personal details, drop in your own photos or even change the colour scheme - all from the Zazzle product page.
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Don’t miss the party…

If you’d like help with personalizing a product or want a tailor made design created specially for you, please scroll down to contact me using the form below.

I’d love to hear from you.


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