Visiting my son in Umea, Sweden June 2016.

Visiting my son in Umea, Sweden June 2016.

Hi, I’m Mel!

I’m the face behind Sun Hobo Designs and I want to make it easy for anyone with loved ones far away to make and send lovely, personal gifts without hassle and expense.

Having family in the UK, Sweden and Canada while I live in Turkey has brought home to me the importance of being able to share in and celebrate special events in a meaningful way, even though we are all miles apart.

Before I became an English teacher and left cold Essex to explore warmer climes, I had a background in Graphic Design and Visual communication. Last year, it came full circle when I wanted to create something nice for my Mum’s birthday from my own art work. That’s when I discovered the wonder of print on demand and used Zazzle to produce a floral throw pillow which was sent directly to her. Looking for something beyond English teaching, I started my own store with them.

Now I want to share that with you.

All my designs are original and I make them to be as easy for you to customize as possible.

NB: All purchases are made through Zazzle directly and I make a small commission.

Please contact me if you would like something designed for you personally or if you need help with customizing a gift.

I’d love to hear from you. xoxox